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Meek Mill Donates 6,000 Backpacks with Supplies to Philly Students

Meek Mill showed up at his alma mater, James G Blaine Elementary, and announced that he’s donating 6,000 backpacks with supplies to students in Philly.

He stated, “Growing up in Philly, I’ve watched families struggle to make ends meet and buy basic school supplies for their kids. Those memories stay with me and that’s why I’m committed to giving back to families in my hometown, putting smiles on kids’ faces and helping them start the school year on the right note with the right supplies.”

Over the past five years, Meek Mill and his Dream Chasers crew have been giving back to his hometown with charitable drives, including giving away turkeys on Thanksgiving. Meek is also getting involved with a “major foundation” that will focus on criminal justice reform, according to 76ers owner Michael Rubin.


Meek Mill Makes His Return to the Stage at Rolling Loud Festival

In November 2017, Meek Mill was sentenced to two-to-four years in prison after violating parole on petty criminal charges, and after months of protests, petitions, and multiple appeals by the MMG rapper’s legal team, Meek was released from prison last month.

And ever since his release, the Philadelphia-born and raised hip-hop artist has been on a media tour speaking about his experience in prison, how he’s grown as an individual, and how his story can spark prison and judicial reform so that unheard voices don’t become a cog in the prison industrial complex.

Now, Meek Mill has finally returned to the stage for the first time since his release as a surprise guest at this year’s Rolling Loud music festival in Miami, Florida. Meek was introduced by none other than DJ Khaled and was met with roars and gratitude from the crowd.

Meek then went on to perform hits like “On The Regular” and “Litty” alongside Tory Lanez, but also took time to address his wrongful sentencing stating the following, “They tried to take my freedom, they tried to crush my dreams… But now we in Miami going the f*** up.”

Meek has become an influential pillar and somewhat of a martyr in the culture due to his faults and the corruption of the justice system, and it looks like the universe has a bigger plan for the hip-hop artist. With that said, check out Meek on the stage for the first time after being locked up.


Michael Vick Officially Retires From the NFL

After 13 active NFL seasons, which exclude his infamous two years suspended from the game and incarcerated for his involvement in a dog fighting ring, Michael Vick has declared himself officially retired from pro football.

Michael Vick Officially Retires From the NFL

Vick’s exit from the game, which comes following a year on hiatus, was formally announced by ESPN’s Josina Anderson on Friday, February 3. Fans will recall Vick looking to make a splash in the league again when he got an opportunity to start in Ben Roethlisberger‘s place when the Steelers quarterback went down mid-2015. But his opportunity was short lived, as he himself got injured a couple of games into his fill-in role. What many fans may not know is that up until the beginning of the current season, Vick still felt the calling to return for one last comeback, but it was not meant to be.

Michael Vick Officially Retires From the NFL

The timing of Vick’s departure is uncanny considering it comes days before the team that drafted him and supported his rise through his first six seasons in the NFL competes for a chance to win it all in the Super Bowl. Vick never did bring his Atlanta Falcons to the big game. But his highlight reel ability no doubt drew the attention of fans from around the country and teams around the league on a weekly basis. Vick was a Pro Bowler for half of the seasons in which he played in the Georgia Dome.

Michael Vick Officially Retires From the NFL

Vick’s return to football after his absence during the 2007 and 2008 seasons proved that for as long as youth was on his side, his ability could help him adapt to shine among the best in the game. In 2010 he made a full return, starting 12 games and leading the Philadelphia Eagles to the playoffs on the strength of his 21 passing touchdowns and nine rushing TD’s, in what would be one of his finest seasons. It can be argued that his skills didn’t necessarily decline, as he continued to show flashes of brilliance over the next several seasons, but his production certainly slowed down, until he was gone from the Eagles and relegated to a backup role on the Jets in 2014, before making his final stop in Pittsburgh.

Michael Vick Officially Retires From the NFL

With 6,109 rushing yards to his name, he goes down as the most successful rushing quarterback of all-time, and a pioneer who would entice future teams who’ve sought to build around a dual-threat passer/runner.