Trump Agrees With Howard Stern, His Daughter is a “Piece of A**”

Within 24 hours of the media blitz incurred by the republican nominee, following remarks in which he asserted that women allow him to “grab them by the p***y,” the Trump campaign found itself in damage control again, when a 2006 interview in which he seemingly agrees that daughter Ivanka is a “piece of a**,” resurfaced.


Before concurring that Ivanka has “always been very voluptuous,” Trump gives the shock jock host the nod when asked if she may be referred to as a “piece of a**,” in the Howard Stern Show interview, responding “yeah.” Trump himself had brought his daughter up for conversation, initiating that “My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka.” Trump and Stern had been volleying back and forth on the topic of threesomes, sex during menstruation, and the age at which women are supposedly sexually desirable.


While Trump’s wife, Melania came to the real estate magnate’s defense, saying she was disappointed by the comments, but not enough to see them as anything but a mere distraction, it remains to be seen if the general female public agrees. While his support among women is expected to take a hit among independent women and uncommitted democratic voters, Trump’s objectification of women has been a story ever since he entered the election in 2015. His spats with Carly Fiorina, Megyn Kelly, and his long standing feud with Rosie O’Donnell were worrisome to members of the GOP who projected that he would lose a war of morality with a woman of Hillary Clinton’s stature.



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