Beyonce’s Car-Smashing Music Video “Hold Up”

It was certainly the most visually striking chapter from Lemonade.


And to mark her 35th birthday on Sunday, Beyonce finally released the music video to Hold Up. While Sorry was the song that introduced the world to Becky With The Good Hair, Hold Up was the song they saw Bey unleash her fury at her, taking it out on some unlucky cars.


The two-part video opens with her Denial interlude poem, the visual which sees her float in a completely submerged bedroom, watching her sleeping self. Segueing into the song, she opens the doors wearing the exquisite layered yellow dress as the waters gushes out behind her.


Borrowing a baseball bat from a child, she proceeds to smash her way along the street, shattering car windows and busting in doors and rooves. Her mood swings just as wildly, with he smiling and laughing one second, and wailing through gritted teeth the next.



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