Troy Ave Is Suing Irving Plaza

Troy Ave and his legal team announced that they have filed a lawsuit against Irving Plaza and Live Nation Worldwide on Monday, August 8. Assisted by attorney Scott Leemon, Troy [Roland Collins], appeared before reporters anticipating the rapper’s arrival, after word leaked over the weekend that he’d be holding a press conference before Irving Plaza.

Troy Ave Is Suing Irving Plaza

“[If it weren’t] for their actions Troy never would have been shot, and none of the incidents that took place that night would have happened,” Leemon said, after informing members of the media that they had earlier filed the suit in Brooklyn Supreme Court. “He is the victim here. He did not bring a gun into this place, and we are seeking redress for the negligence.”

Troy Ave Is Suing Irving Plaza

Claims included in the lawsuit contradict the prosecution’s presumption that the bullet wounds Troy sustained during the May 25 incident were self-inflicted, alleging that the same individual who had subsequently shot and killed friend and bodyguard Ronald McPhatter, had shot him twice. The suit goes on to claim that in the absence of a metal detector, the venue had allowed patrons and fellow artists into its VIP section without using a wand or procedural pat-down to check for weapons. He is suing for an unspecified sum, which includes the cost of legal fees.

Troy Ave Is Suing Irving Plaza

Troy has been out on $500,000 bail since July 11. Visible on his ankle during the press conference was the tracking device he agreed to wear as a condition of his release. Regarding proximity Troy literally got about as close as he could to being returned behind bars, as he is forbidden from entering nightclubs, bars, or performing venues up until and through the duration of his trial.



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