Power Season 2 Episode 5 “Who You Are & Who You Want To Be”

Just caught up on power….

At this point Ghost and Angie are gonna see how much info they can get out of each other. While it’s up in the air, I still think Holly is gonna die this season and by Tommy’s hand but I loved seeing her pull Angie card. Ghost is gonna play with Stern’s wife and Tasha is a bird for trying to keep her son away from his dad but I believe she will somehow save the day after all this although Tommy no longer trust her. Curious as to why Tasha said nothing about kanan visit. Tasha mad but forgetting she was naked in front of her husband worker before Ghost started messing with Angela. So much for the loyalty talk. Watch how the tables turn when that comes out…. on one hand this bitch begged Jamie to leave his wife, and now she’s doing everything in her power to take him down so I can’t stand her but on the other hand ghost moving like he about to help put Tommy away. I’m just hoping he’s overly cocky and arrogant to where he thinks he can get over as long as he’s fucking angela without causing a panic They deserve each other!


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