Doing The Most Or Nah? Karrueche Says She had To Beef Up Security Bet Weekend Because of Chris Brown; Reveals Her Father is Gay !

She feels its rude for people to keep referring to her as Chris brown’s Ex. She wants to make a name for herself.
Some people feel that embattled r&b singer Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend is doing too much and is basically making a career out of being his ex, in her latest interview with Madame Noire she addresses that and so much more!

Brief summary,
She feels sorry for internet trolls and has learned to block them out.

Chris started the beef on instagram a few weeks back. She said she just wanted to clear up a few things.

She had extra security this weekend because of the incident with Chris showing up to the club.

She doesn’t know if she’s ready to start dating because she has trust issues. She hasn’t met anyone yet. She doesn’t know if she can commit to dating another industry dude because the lifestyle is crazy.

The hardest thing about fame is the negativity and constant comparisons to Rihanna. She says everything she does, people will always say Rihanna did it First.

Her Father is gay. She hasn’t told anyone, because it’s normal to her. She’s known ever since elementary school.

check out the full interview below

So what say you? Is she doing too much or is it Chris that needs to have a seat?


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